Post Oak Grove at Pioneer Park

Post Oak, Quercus stellata

The Story

This grove of 40 stately trees is an urban remnant of Post Oak forest that stretches from Oklahoma into sections of the Metroplex.  The trees, which shade the graves of Dallas’ most recognizable names, are some of the oldest in the city and many pre-date the signing of the United States Constitution.  Based on tree ring dating, the largest trees in the grove may have origins dating back to the mid 1700s, one hundred years before John Neely Bryan and the John Beeman Family settled the area.

“We have the founders of the cemetery to thank for these trees,” states Bill Seaman, DHTC past-president.  “Their thoughtful selection of this beautiful site has protected these trees so that we can enjoy them for years to come.”

Historic in every sense of the word, this grove of trees has witnessed the city of Dallas grow from a cluster of cabins on the banks of the Trinity River to the city we see today.

The Dallas Historic Tree Coalition officially recognized the grove as historic on October 29, 2011.    Karen Woodard, Urban Forester for the City of Dallas, was presented with a Historic Tree Certificate to commemorate the occasion.

Pioneer Park Cemetery is located adjacent to the Dallas Convention Center and Pioneer Plaza at 1300 Young Street. You are welcome to visit the Post Oak Grove. We ask that you please be respectful of the area and the cemetery, where many of the founding families of Dallas are buried.

Gathered on October 2, 2011
Estimated Age
Some trees are estimated to be around 260 years old

Nominated by Bill Seaman
Researched and written by Bill Seaman