The Garland Memorial Cemetery Incense Cedar

This towering California Incense Cedar is native to the Pacific Northwest.  The tree is not a true Cedar but belongs to the Cypress family and is also referred to as a False Cedar.  It was named State Champion in 1998 by the Texas Forest Service, and there are none larger currently registered in Texas. It …Read More

County: Dallas

Texas Discovery Gardens Cottonwood

This majestic cottonwood, standing more than 70 feet tall with a circumference of more than 12 feet, stood at the center of the Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park for more than 70 years. It was admired for its towering beauty for decades, providing bountiful shade for hundreds of thousands of visitors to the State …Read More

County: Dallas

Adamson High School Red Oak

The Conservation Committee of the Nancy Horton Davis National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) nominated the Adamson High Red Oak for historic status in 2004.  According to their nomination, the tree is believed to have sprouted in 1912 and was there when Oak Cliff High School moved there in September of 1916, to …Read More

County: Dallas

Great Trinity Forest Bur Oak

June 10, 1996 was a historic day for the Dallas Historic Tree Coalition.  Not far from the banks of the Trinity River and within shouting distance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard Bridge, Coalition members and guests gathered to recognize and dedicate DHTC’s first official historic tree.  The massive Bur Oak, Quercus macrocarpa, has …Read More

County: Dallas

The Wisdom Tree

At the time of its nomination and dedication in 2004, the Wisdom Pecan measured 54 feet high with a canopy of 70 feet at its widest and 60 feet at its narrowest, and it had a trunk circumference of 8 feet. The tree still stands today as a witness to history in the making and …Read More

County: Dallas

Post Oak Grove at Pioneer Park

This grove of 40 stately trees is an urban remnant of Post Oak forest that stretches from Oklahoma into sections of the Metroplex.  The trees, which shade the graves of Dallas’ most recognizable names, are some of the oldest in the city and many pre-date the signing of the United States Constitution.  Based on tree …Read More

County: Dallas

The Wagon Yard Elm

This majestic American Elm is located on a remnant of Blackland Prairie that escaped the urban sprawl of North Dallas. Located at 17400 Muirfield, just minutes from the Dallas North Tollway and Frankford Road, the tree is a living witness to the activities of a turn of the century farming community. The Wagon Yard Elm …Read More

County: Collin