‘Flo’ – The Barton Springs Pecan

Pecan, Carya illinoinensis

The Story

Flo, a popular Pecan tree at Barton Springs Pool in Austin had a way of standing out to park visitors. She had a graceful and yet peculiar way of leaning over the pool. This lean, chronicled in the photos below, became more and more exaggerated over time. Flo was the subject of many photographers and the backdrop of pictures for special moments and events.

This historic tree, affectionately known as Flo to members of the community, was well cared for by the Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD). They spent decades prolonging the life of the tree and taking measures to ensure she wouldn’t fail. Unfortunately, the tree had to be removed in October of 2023 when it became a safety risk for park visitors due to the spread of an incurable fungus disease within the tree.

PARD recognized the immense value Flo provided the community during her approximately 120 years of life and on October 4, 2023, the day before the Pecan’s removal, Austin PARD invited the public to honor Flo at a well-attended Celebration of Life.

The media and PARD collected stories, memories, and photos that can be viewed online:,+stories+and+photos+of+flo+at+barton+springs+pool&udm=2&source=univ&fir=rMkM0OHKVCwU_M%252Cp_R16kEvNPimyM%252C_%253B_5ki7brTIXFH1M%252CD2ANov8FlXNptM%252C_%253Btd3CNhTRHTx_BM%252CLh024H5A5waAuM%252C_%253Bwnd5RLhep22lAM%252Cjbuf3tYHsoN34M%252C_%253B7f7hTtGjN17rTM%252Cv8D2ZXOlmVmiWM%252C_%253B_jwt-Qz3na5DnM%252CD2ANov8FlXNptM%252C_%253BdR3xFYpKGXEWMM%252CqqPLTFksegdDxM%252C_%253BKfDUs25h49Fx8M%252C8_lUv-qxMyh_3M%252C_%253BMZTKB0kvhJs3JM%252C9hsOn15tEiK1yM%252C_%253ByjVo9xXlgEY2YM%252CQ_Y-LMYkweR7GM%252C_&usg=AI4_-kQMIuSh-xbx1V_pIkzwKt6bghMyMQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi17ND8-eyFAxV_EUQIHakJBWkQ7Al6BAg1ECc&biw=1173&bih=546&dpr=1.36

Estimated Age
Deceased - Approximately 120 years old

Austin Parks and Recreation Department