A Tarrant County Comanche Marker Tree

A Post Oak located in Tarrant County; Texas was determined to have been bent by the Comanche at least 150 years ago. Since being bent, this resilient Post Oak has survived two lightning strikes with one being on one of its three upright trunks. It also survived and witnessed the development of the surrounding properties. …Read More

Big Bend Comanche Marker Tree

In the 1800s, the Comanche were known for using the Big Bend area for war trails with several different paths to choose from. Their typical destination was either a route of escape from raids on settlers or a journey to Spanish frontier towns in what is now Mexico. The Comanche often traveled by the light …Read More

County: Brewster

Moore Park Big Tree Grove

Trees are often consigned to the background of our memories as part of the scenery or as part of the proverbial ‘forest’. This is particularly true in a park setting where much of the green space’s agency is ascribed to the park patrons and how they choose to use the space. But no matter how …Read More

County: Dallas

Comanche Council Oak

The Comanche Council Oak is a Live Oak in Landa Park, New Braunfels, Texas. It is a massive tree believed to be over 300 years old and when it was measured in 2014 it was already over 8.6 feet in diameter near the base. The height was over 50 feet, and the crown spread was …Read More

County: Comal

Comanche Creek Live Oak Grove

Comanche Creek Live Oak Grove

The Comanche Creek Live Oak Grove sits on a site of periodic human occupation for several thousand years. The Grove of more than 50 mature Texas Live Oaks is overlooked by Comanche Peak, which sits about one and a half miles to the east. Situated in the Cross Timbers ecoregion of North Central Texas, the …Read More

County: Hood

The Singing Trees

The Singing Trees stand behind The Inn on the River in Glen Rose, Somervell County, Texas, overlooking the Paluxy River. In addition to the river, there are several streams, as well as hundreds of natural springs and artesian wells. These water features drew buffalo to the area and the American Indians who hunted them. Their …Read More

County: Somervell

West Dallas Gateway Pecan

The West Dallas Gateway Pecan has served for over 175 years as the gateway to West Dallas, sitting today at the west end of the Commerce Street bridge across the Trinity River channel from downtown Dallas. Located on the south side of the intersection with Beckley Avenue, the tree has progressed from seeing the last …Read More

County: Dallas

The Holliday Pecan Comanche Marker Tree

An overall picture of the Holliday Pecan Comanche Marker Tree.

In March of 2011, a Pecan tree in Holliday, Texas, was brought to the attention of the Texas Historic Tree Coalition (TxHTC) by Mr. Ken Fibbe, a reporter for the Times Record News. Mr. Fibbe was introduced to the tree by Mr. Don Briix, a local resident who originally noticed the tree after he had …Read More

Explore the Texas A&M Forest Service Famous Trees of Texas

The Texas A&M Forest Service (TFS), through Texas A&M University Press, first published Famous Trees of Texas as a hardcover book in 1970. The Texas A&M Forest Service Famous Trees of Texas website updates and replaces the original book and subsequent editions. TFS created the website in an effort “to memorialize those trees which have …Read More

Dealey Plaza Grove

Dealey Plaza is a city park in the West End Historic District of downtown Dallas. The park was designed and built in the late 1930s with the finishing touch being the planting of the trees outlining the park. Six Live Oaks, Quercus fusiformis were aligned along two fountains paralleling Houston Street. Live Oaks and Cedar …Read More

County: Dallas