The Texas Tree Advocacy Workbook

The Texas Tree Advocacy Workbook is a valuable tool for groups of like-minded individuals who want to preserve and protect our Earth’s natural assets for future generations to enjoy. Since 1995, the coalition has worked with grassroots organizations, city and county leaders/officials, public and private entities, and other institutions to preserve trees and urban forests in the state of Texas. Some of the basic principles for advocacy were originally provided by Ned and Genie Fritz, and Janice Bezanson.

If you have an interest in protecting and preserving trees or forests, the workbook provides guidance based on many years of effective tree advocacy. Our hope is that the workbook will help others to protect trees and forests in Texas and beyond. We hope you find the information, tools, and resources in the workbook to be helpful.

Alert your neighbors if you see contractors not adhering to best practices for protecting trees from construction.