The Texas County Historic Tree Initiative

The Texas Historic Tree Coalition has launched its Texas County Historic Tree Initiative and we need your help. Our goal is to find, recognize, and celebrate a historic tree in each of Texas’ 254 counties. To reach our goal, we are asking every County Historic Commission to join us in this project by nominating as many as three trees for consideration. The timeline for this project is currently open-ended, but we hope all those who want to contribute will be able to take advantage of the summer months to collect data, take photographs, and complete submittals.

We know many counties in Texas have trees that have previously been recognized as living witnesses to historic events. We will certainly entertain those nominations. However, we would like to focus on trees whose stories have not yet been told, or trees that have a rich history for the counties and communities where they grow. Examples might include trees that might be associated with historic events at courthouses, churches, schools, cemeteries, etc. Using these criteria will enable those few counties that are tree challenged to contribute fully.

Once trees are recognized, we will feature them on our website. Please know that any contribution made by you or your group will be fully credited to your organization and those individuals who have participated. Likewise, all photographs or artwork will be fully credited.

We hope you will share this information with the members of your county historic commission and you will join us in this project. Should there be interest expressed by individuals in your communities, please encourage them to join our efforts. We will be glad to have them participate.

If you or your commission is interested in joining us to find, recognize, and celebrate the historic trees of Texas’ 254 counties, please respond and we will send you nomination forms and additional information. To learn more about the Texas Historic Tree Coalition contact us.