Our Newest Addition to the Historic Tree Registry – The Smith-Graybeal Trees in McKinney

The Smith-Graybeal Cedar Trees have ties to two of the founding fathers of American horticulture: pioneer Texas horticulturalist and nurseryman Elbert W. Kirkpatrick, and famed horticulturalist Luther Burbank, whose birthday is celebrated as Arbor Day.  Three Eastern Red Cedar trees and one Deodar Cedar were incorporated into the landscape plan for W.D. Smith, the original …Read More

Second Printing of Comanche Marker Trees of Texas Available Now

by Authors Steve Houser, Linda Pelon, and Jimmy Arterberry “… a comprehensive and valuable record of a little-known but fascinating Native legacy, and this book will excite anyone who enjoys contemplating the landscape of Texas.” – DANIEL J. GELO, Professor of Anthropology and Dean, University of Texas at San Antonio  “There are times and places on …Read More