Second Printing of Comanche Marker Trees of Texas Available Now

by Authors Steve Houser, Linda Pelon, and Jimmy Arterberry

“… a comprehensive and valuable record of a little-known but fascinating Native legacy, and this book will excite anyone who enjoys contemplating the landscape of Texas.” – DANIEL J. GELO, Professor of Anthropology and Dean, University of Texas at San Antonio 

“There are times and places on the southern Plains where a tree offers a welcome respite from the sun or serves as a beacon to water, food, or a place of significance. The authors write of the importance of such trees to Native American people, past and present, but focus on Comanche uses of marker trees. After reading this book, I will not look at sentinels in the forest in the same way ever again.” – JOE WATKINS, Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, University of Maryland

“In documenting the historical roots of Comanche marker trees in Texas, this book aptly illustrates the potential of finding common ground between often estranged humanistic and scientific sources of knowledge about the past, present, and future. Family, tribal, arborist, and anthropological perspectives collectively attest to multicultural roles of stewardship and respect for ancient trees in preserving significant aspects of cultural heritage through the centuries and beyond.” – ALSTON V. THOMS, Professor of Anthropology, Texas A&M University

Available through Texas A&M University Press and various book stores.