Indian Marker Tree Nomination Form

Steve Houser
Indian Marker Tree Project Chairman
# 16 Steel Road, Wylie, TX 75098

Office: 972-442-1524 (ask for RuthAnn Jackson) Email:

Thank you for your interest in Indian marker trees and for taking the time to contact us about a potential Indian marker tree. We will need several photos along with the requested information below to help us determine the potential significance of the tree(s) you are submitting.

  • Please fill out the following form found on this page.
  • Email pictures of the tree (at least one picture should have a person standing next to the tree for perspective) to and copy RuthAnn Jackson at If the photos are large, it may take several emails to send them all. Our computers will not accept over 18 megabits of information in each email. Thank you!
  • OR you may also download the Indian Marker Tree Nomination Form and How to Identify to your computer and save it. Afterward, fill out the form on your computer and forward it via email to Steve Houser, Trustee and Director, Indian Marker Tree Project at and copy RuthAnn Jackson, Trustee and Project Coordinator, Indian Marker Tree Project at (or print a copy and send by postal mail) along with photos of the tree.