Editor’s Note in DMN NeighborsGo for Irving/Coppell – Texas Historic Tree Coalition

Editor’s Note in DMN NeighborsGo for Irving/Coppell 
Feedback Steers ‘Archive’ Feature 

Sara Beckelman, one of our Trustees, responded to a feature called From the Archive in the DMN NeighborsGo a few weeks ago. In the feature, Ms. Gloria Hernandez, Editor for the Irving/Coppell NeighborsGo, asked for feedback about “the historic photos in Irving and Coppell” that had been featured. 

Ms. Hernandez acknowledged that Ms. Beckelman was a member of the Dallas Historic Tree Coalition (DHTC) who requested archived pictures of old buildings or homes near trees that were mature at the time of the picture. Ms. Beckelman also advised Ms. Hernandez about DHTC’s “search for: potential ” Indian marker trees” in the DFW area. With the address of the old building and tree, members of DHTC could then visit the site to see if the tree is still alive. It is possible to provide an approximate age range of a tree. If the tree is still located in the same place, DHTC would then search for history of that specific location to determine if the tree could potentially be considered as historic. DHTC also recognizes and issues a proclamation for Historic or Heritage trees. 

It’s possible that archived pictures may show a potential Indian marker tree, which would be important in seeking its recognition. 

Ms. Hernandez advised that a few potential “Indian marker trees have been discovered in Irving”. Of course, much research has yet to be accomplished before any trees in Irving could be recognized. 

Ms. Hernandez promised to look “through the archives” to see if she can find anything matching Ms. Beckelman’s request. She invited her readers to send in old pictures of Irving with information on the picture and advised her readers to check out DHTC’s website at www.txhtc.org. She will continue to feature old pictures from the Dallas Morning News archives in hopes that we will find a potential historic tree or Indian marker tree in the Irving/Coppell area. 

Thanks to Ms. Gloria Hernandez for recognizing our volunteer organization, and our efforts! Her contact information is ghernandez@neighborsgo.com, 214-977-8027.