Trees That Speak: Marked Trees That Revealed Resources to Nomadic Comanche Still Stand

Picture for Arterberry Texas Power Co-op article

BY JIMMY W. ARTERBERRY / SEPTEMBER 2018 The following article was written for Texas Co-op Power, an online community for members of Texas electric cooperatives. The use of trees to identify a location has always been important in the traditional life of the Comanche. In days of old, our ancestors would mark a tree, or …Read More

Editor’s Note in DMN NeighborsGo for Irving/Coppell – Texas Historic Tree Coalition

Editor’s Note in DMN NeighborsGo for Irving/Coppell Feedback Steers ‘Archive’ Feature  Sara Beckelman, one of our Trustees, responded to a feature called From the Archive in the DMN NeighborsGo a few weeks ago. In the feature, Ms. Gloria Hernandez, Editor for the Irving/Coppell NeighborsGo, asked for feedback about “the historic photos in Irving and Coppell” that …Read More