Editor’s Note in DMN NeighborsGo for Irving/Coppell – Texas Historic Tree Coalition

Editor’s Note in DMN NeighborsGo for Irving/Coppell Feedback Steers ‘Archive’ Feature  Sara Beckelman, one of our Trustees, responded to a feature called From the Archive in the DMN NeighborsGo a few weeks ago. In the feature, Ms. Gloria Hernandez, Editor for the Irving/Coppell NeighborsGo, asked for feedback about “the historic photos in Irving and Coppell” that …Read More

Texas Historic Tree Coalition taking local nominations

http://www.sealynews.com/stories/texas-historic-tree-coalition-taking-local-nominations,28637? The Texas Historic Tree Coalition, a non-profit, all-volunteer group based in Dallas, has announced its ambitious project to find, recognize, and celebrate at least one historic tree in each of Texas’ 254 counties. Through its Texas County Historic Tree Initiative, the organization hopes to bring recognition to the living landmarks that connect the present …Read More

Dennis Downs Speaks in Texas

  Mr. Dennis Downes, Author On January 25th, 2013, WFAA TV posted an article and video by Mr. David Schechter on Indian Marker Trees, entitled Bent trees in North Texas lead the way back in time, and featured Mr. Dennis Downes, explaining why these trees may have been bent by the American Indians in the past and …Read More