The Texas Tree Advocacy Workbook

The Texas Tree Advocacy Workbook is a valuable tool for groups of like-minded individuals who want to preserve and protect our Earth’s natural assets for future generations to enjoy. Since 1995, the coalition has worked with grassroots organizations, city and county leaders/officials, public and private entities, and other institutions to preserve trees and urban forests …Read More

Be Sure to Follow Directions When Submitting Tree and Plant Tissue Samples for Disease Diagnosis Texas A&M AgriLife Extension’s Texas Plant Clinic: Submitting Plant Samples for Disease Diagnosis D1178 – General Diagnostic Form and Instructions Use the link below to open the form and instructions for submitting plant samples to the Texas Plant Clinic for basic plant disease diagnostic services. Complete all applicable fields on the form and follow …Read More

Tree Pruning: Art or Science

Published April 2, 2002 By Kevin Bassett Tree pruning is the most important aspect of tree care in the urban environment. Proper tree pruning eliminates deadwood, removes branches that conflict with other branches, and removes limbs that interfere with utility lines and homes. Pruning is also necessary to maintain proper clearances over sidewalks, streets, and …Read More

Why We Should Care About Trees

As published in Insight by North Central Texas Council of Governments September 2009 in the Regional Voices section. InSight Regional Voices – The Regional Voices column offers leaders from throughout the North Central Texas region an opportunity to share their views on the environment and development-related topics of interest to North Texans. To be considered …Read More

The Dallas Morning News “Saving 400-year-old Bur Oak tree was highlight for Plano Parks and Rec in 2021: The Bur Oak tree is one of the oldest in North Texas.” Published By Teri Webster December 31, 2021 at 2:36 p.m. Plano’s Parks and Recreation department cited a project to preserve the city’s oldest tree as one of the department’s top highlights of 2021. The quadricentennial (400 years) Bur Oak tree in Bob Woodruff Park South, 3840 E. Park Blvd., is documented as the oldest …Read More

Invasive Beetles On Way to Dallas: Emerald Ash Borers Could Be Latest Threat to Trinity Forest

Dallas-Area Environmentalists Warn Invasive Beetle Could Be Latest Threat to Trinity Forest A dreaded beetle, the Emerald Ash Borer, has been found in North Texas, and it’s only a matter of time before it’s detected in Dallas, according to experts. By David Tarrant / January 14, 2021 For decades, Steve Houser could be counted on …Read More

Emerald Ash Borer in Denton

Published May 18, 2020 By DR. MIKE MERCHANT When Denton urban forester Haywood Morgan moved to Texas from Milwaukee, Wisconsin six years ago he thought he was leaving the devastating emerald ash borer behind. Instead the ash borer found him again. Morgan became reacquainted with EAB this month during a trip to look at some …Read More