About Us

The Texas Historic Tree Coalition (TxHTC) brings communities together by celebrating great old trees. People reflect and bond with each other in the shade of these beautiful living witnesses. Senior citizens relate to the events that make each tree significant, and younger people learn about history in a meaningful way. We bring history to life by telling the story of these trees and the things they’ve lived through.

TxHTC also stresses the importance of proper care and protection of these living natural assets and we educate the public about the benefits of trees. We teach the importance of having large, native trees in the urban environment. We bring people together, create good stewards for trees, and foster keepers of history, one Texas community at a time.

Our Mission

Research, recognize, and celebrate historic trees in Texas.

Our Values

The Texas Historic Tree Coalition is passionate about bringing the story of significant trees to the public. We’re a coalition of volunteers who seek the best information available from historians, arborists, archaeologists, anthropologists, environmentalists, and other experts in relevant fields. We strive to be the go-to group for people who need resources and help in recognizing historic trees in their communities. Established in 1995 as the Dallas Historic Tree Coalition, our work took us to places all over Texas and points beyond. In 2014, we grew to become the Texas Historic Tree Coalition. We’re an all-volunteer, non-profit group. We feel that we have a moral obligation to find, celebrate and document these living legacies for future generations to enjoy. We promote wise and responsible stewardship of trees and view them as natural assets that must be carefully managed. If you agree that historic trees should be recognized and protected, become a member at no cost and receive email updates.

The Texas Tree Advocacy Workbook

If you are searching for information, tools, and resources for organizing an effective tree advocacy effort, we recommend The Texas Tree Advocacy Workbook as a guide to help save trees in a crisis. The workbook includes tips and insights that could only have been learned through years of experience working collectively to preserve and protect trees and urban forests from the threat of unsustainable development. The advocacy workbook lists applicable action items and easy-to-follow steps you can choose from to create a plan that is right for your unique situation.